David Hurn


A new album of instrumental material
is now available on bandcamp.

Nervous Animal was recorded at home
in London and features contributions
from David Comidi, Gordon Davies and
Ryder Sharkey.

David recently contributed to an audio book version of James Joyce's Finnegans Wake with good friend Abigail Hopkins. This will be released on June 5th 2017 by Waywords and Meansigns, and the entire project can now be listened to here.

David's music can be heard on the discography page, and also at soundcloudbandcamp and facebook.



David will open for Some Velvet Morning
on November 14th at The Scala in
London. He will be joined by David
Comidi (saxophone / flute) and
previewing new material. Tickets are
available here

A new two track digital single release was made available on 19.12.17
Into the Dawn was written and recorded whilst staying in New Hampshire during September 2017, and was produced and mixed by musician, producer and DJ, Marco Valentin. The accompanying track, Sat on a Table was written and recorded in London earlier this year.
Both tracks are available here

David's new vocal album Private

Ruins (Vol1) is out now and

available to buy as a CD (including

a bonus track) or as a digital

download. Largely recorded at 

home in London, the album 

features performances from,

among others, Chris Prosser,

Walter Eaves, Andreas Terry,

Claire Brock and Gordon Davies.

The album can be purchased

here or via the music page.

Taken from the new album, you

can watch the video for The Party 


A video for the single Into the Dawn can be viewed hereThe film was made by George Benson.

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